Sunday, 30 January 2011

I've been thinking about priorities, and what I should do first, to start whittling down the list. There are some things to be done in the next two weeks. One is to sew up the wrist warmers for my lovely daughter in law, as we will be seeing her in a couple of weeks, and they are a left over (unfinished) from Christmas. Two, I need to shorten my DH's trouser legs before we go away - he has a new suit as he has lost so much weight. Three, I might make the silk or cotton slip to go under an outfit, also for going away, (although an ankle length slip and a singlet will do.) I have a set of Regency stays and petticoat for a customer, to be done by Thursday, tomorrow's job. And finally, I have been quilting the lining for a sewing basket for my DIL for ages - it's what I take on holiday as hand sewing - I will take it this time, but I am ashamed it's taken so long. We will be away for nearly 3 weeks - I must be able to get most of it done, surely!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

My long term projects

These are many and various. I have crazy quilt cushions to make for friends and family, a pair of wrist warmers to finish for my DIL, a cardigan to finish for myself, and umpteen skirts, trousers and so on that I have fabric and patterns for, but have had no time to do. I have a Japanese folding quilt part made, which I will eventually post a picture of, and a silk quilt, made of gentlemen's tie silk samples, of my great aunt's to finish and back. Pictures of this will follow too!) And then there is the "big" quilt, shown here, which is the longest term project of all.