Friday, 11 February 2011

All done for this set of projects.

The skirt is done, fastening on, hem turned and stitched - and it looks good, although I says it as shouldn't!

The waiscoat has its bucklt on, I've done all the ironing, and now I can start a clear up and find some of those half finished bits from way back. However, I will be away for a while, so don't think I've stopped - I may not have access to free wifi!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


The waistcoat is finished, and fits! The DH is very pleased. So one more thing off my list - yay.

The skirt needed to be levelled - whether it dropped, or I didn't cut it straight - more likely - it is now level, overlocked at the hem, seamed down one side, and half a zip in. However, the pattern doesn't quite match, so I ripped it out and will redo it.* Then turn up the hem, put on a waistband and there we are - I'd forgotten what a pretty shape a half circle skirt is.

*Zip is now done, waistband made up and ready to sew on. The waist will be "eased" onto it, as it is a little large - two rows of gathering threads and a steam iron should do it!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Trousers finished!

Two pairs of trousers shortened, using a blind stitch by hand - hard work, but worth it for the way they look. Will try and finish the waistcoat, bar the buttons, tonight. I have to take out the back ties, made of lining fabric, and replace with ties of the back fabric - a lovely wool and cashmere blend. Add the buckle. Then sew up the side seams. Shouldn't take too long, although I am getting hungry - not a good thing!

Held up till now

I started these jackets 18 months ago, but the ladies kept saying they weren't right, and wouldn't come for fittings to make it right. Eventually they came before Christmas, I recut the green one, sent them off in the middle of the bad weather - and heard no more. Today I got an e-mail saying they were "Quite splendid"! I can now breathe a sigh of relief and get on with other stuff, knowing they aren't still hanging over my head, as it were.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Making at last!

Morning was spent doing yet more ironing - I swear I iron in more creases than I iron out! It was a phone call day, as several of my friends decided to call me, and that took more time than I wanted to. A close friend came, bearing a birthday gift for me - she'd found a beautiful framed fashion plate from about 1840 while she was away, and brought it over so I could have it now!

After she'd gone, I finally shook out the black and white plaid that I bought some time ago, a soft (synthetic) flannel like material, laid it all out on the table, cursed a few times as the weight of it made it slide off, until I remembered I had pseudo cloth clamps, and cut the half circle skirt I have been thinking about for ages. In spite of cutting a template for the waist hole, it still came out too big - I think it is so soft, it instantly stretched. I shall machine the seam, and hang it for a day or two to see if it drops on the bias, which will be the centre front and back - I might take in the waist at the sides, which will be on the straight. Then whizz round the hem with the serger/overlocker, put in the zip, and the hanging loops, waistband and there we are. I might even do that this week!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Waiting around!

I get very irritated when I have to wait around for someone. I am expecting a man to come and collect some books and magazines that I want to get rid of, and he said "After 3.00." well, it's 6.30 and I can't go and do any work, as the workroom is at the top of the back of the house, and I might not hear the bell, or he might not wait for me to stagger down all those stairs!

However, I've done a lot of domestic stuff, which needed getting out of the way. I also found a singlet that I'd forgotten, so I shan't be making a slip. I opened all the pockets on my husband's new suit  - proper tailoring - all the pocket holes were sewn shut so they didn't sag while the suit was in the shop. And I made up the wrist warmers for my DIL, so hopefully, tomorrow is trousers shortening day, one for the DH and one pair for me. I keep thinking longingly about making a simple skirt, of black and white plaid, but that might be a dream, as I can't decide on a half circle or a 3/4 circle!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Buttonholes done

and a lovely job as usual. However, like an idiot I forgot to take the fabric to cover the matching buttons, so another quick trip is needed next week. Off to finish the waistcoat right now, then do the wrist warmers I think. And a quick tidy up of some of the workroom - it is always even worse than usual after I've been working on a customer's order.

The customer offered to have her husband take photos of her in the stays and petticoat, which would be nice, especially as I abandonned all pretence at making the stays from a pattern, and simply made them to work for her. She has little to push up, and didn't want high boobs anyway, but we succeeded in producing gentle pillows! And she was comfortable, which is most important.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Stays and Petticoat

All being well, the stays and petticoat for a customer are finished. I am waiting for her to come and try on for a last time, and take them if they are O.K.

Tomorrow I get the waistcoat buttonholes done, and the matching covered buttons. I can then finish the waistcoat and take that off my list - yay! Then I need to shorten two pairs of trousers, open a couple of pockets on a new suit, and try to get the wrist warmers made up so we can take them with us when we visit the DIL and Son. If I feel like it I'll make that long cotton slip for myself, otherwise I will wear a singlet and waist slip - I hate making for me. However, I do have the big dress stand padded up to nearly my size, so I might try draping a petticoat, usually much more successful for me than a pattern.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Slow progress!

I've been very slow the last two days. The DH has been home this week so far with a stinker of a cold, and having him home is always a pleasant distraction! However, I have nearly completed the Regency underwear I have to deliver on Thursday, then I can get on with "my" things! I have a waistcoat to finish for the DH, which it would be helpful to have finished soon, as he may have an opportunity to wear it. It shouldn't take long as I just need to change the tie backs - should be the same fabric as the back, not the lining - duh. I'll go into town and get the buttonholes done, as there is a brilliant little place where I can get them and covered buttons for very little money - he is much better than I am as he has specialist machines. I also need to pick up some odds and ends from Body Shop as I have a free birthday voucher for £5.00 - I also have a tax rebate of £10.92!!