Sunday, 6 February 2011

Waiting around!

I get very irritated when I have to wait around for someone. I am expecting a man to come and collect some books and magazines that I want to get rid of, and he said "After 3.00." well, it's 6.30 and I can't go and do any work, as the workroom is at the top of the back of the house, and I might not hear the bell, or he might not wait for me to stagger down all those stairs!

However, I've done a lot of domestic stuff, which needed getting out of the way. I also found a singlet that I'd forgotten, so I shan't be making a slip. I opened all the pockets on my husband's new suit  - proper tailoring - all the pocket holes were sewn shut so they didn't sag while the suit was in the shop. And I made up the wrist warmers for my DIL, so hopefully, tomorrow is trousers shortening day, one for the DH and one pair for me. I keep thinking longingly about making a simple skirt, of black and white plaid, but that might be a dream, as I can't decide on a half circle or a 3/4 circle!

1 comment:

  1. Don't have to make the slip? Great! You're doing well while you wait for this fellow!