Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Making at last!

Morning was spent doing yet more ironing - I swear I iron in more creases than I iron out! It was a phone call day, as several of my friends decided to call me, and that took more time than I wanted to. A close friend came, bearing a birthday gift for me - she'd found a beautiful framed fashion plate from about 1840 while she was away, and brought it over so I could have it now!

After she'd gone, I finally shook out the black and white plaid that I bought some time ago, a soft (synthetic) flannel like material, laid it all out on the table, cursed a few times as the weight of it made it slide off, until I remembered I had pseudo cloth clamps, and cut the half circle skirt I have been thinking about for ages. In spite of cutting a template for the waist hole, it still came out too big - I think it is so soft, it instantly stretched. I shall machine the seam, and hang it for a day or two to see if it drops on the bias, which will be the centre front and back - I might take in the waist at the sides, which will be on the straight. Then whizz round the hem with the serger/overlocker, put in the zip, and the hanging loops, waistband and there we are. I might even do that this week!

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