Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Slow progress!

I've been very slow the last two days. The DH has been home this week so far with a stinker of a cold, and having him home is always a pleasant distraction! However, I have nearly completed the Regency underwear I have to deliver on Thursday, then I can get on with "my" things! I have a waistcoat to finish for the DH, which it would be helpful to have finished soon, as he may have an opportunity to wear it. It shouldn't take long as I just need to change the tie backs - should be the same fabric as the back, not the lining - duh. I'll go into town and get the buttonholes done, as there is a brilliant little place where I can get them and covered buttons for very little money - he is much better than I am as he has specialist machines. I also need to pick up some odds and ends from Body Shop as I have a free birthday voucher for £5.00 - I also have a tax rebate of £10.92!!

1 comment:

  1. Suzi, I always hear women complain about their husbands being home - but you say it's a "pleasant distraction". What a nice thing to read!