Thursday, 3 February 2011

Stays and Petticoat

All being well, the stays and petticoat for a customer are finished. I am waiting for her to come and try on for a last time, and take them if they are O.K.

Tomorrow I get the waistcoat buttonholes done, and the matching covered buttons. I can then finish the waistcoat and take that off my list - yay! Then I need to shorten two pairs of trousers, open a couple of pockets on a new suit, and try to get the wrist warmers made up so we can take them with us when we visit the DIL and Son. If I feel like it I'll make that long cotton slip for myself, otherwise I will wear a singlet and waist slip - I hate making for me. However, I do have the big dress stand padded up to nearly my size, so I might try draping a petticoat, usually much more successful for me than a pattern.

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