Friday, 8 April 2011

Huge progress!!

Today we spent taking things apart and putting them back together again. S. unpicked the skirt from the waistband, and unpicked the frill while I unpicked the corset, removed bones from under the armhole and, tightened the underarm seams. Then rebound it, took a tuck in the back shoulder seam to stop the strap falling off, and fitted it - which worked really well - and we are both happy.

Meanwhile S. unpicked the bones from the pad, took off the bias binding, recut the front once I had drawn on the alteration, and put back the binding. She then moved the waistband eye on the petticoat.

Next she unpicked the sleeves, oversleeves, and shoulder wings, all of which had been whip stitched in place - yay for hand finishing!! - and took the buttons off  for later re-use. Once that was done, I unpicked one front of the bodice, which  took longer than expected, but eventually had a piece to use as a pattern for the new bodice front. I recut this, in calico, in two panels instead of one, pinned it together and we fitted it. It needed a bit of altereation, but minimal, really, and she was very pleased with the results.

Although I am tired tonight, I  want to tidy the toile into a pattern, and maybe pleat the skirt back to the waistband, so S. can spend her morning sewing that back on - we'll see. And I also had a customer come to collect a small mending job I'd done on her pocket hoops, and my old lodger came to collect post and she agreed to cat sit when we take our next holiday in the autumn.


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