Friday, 4 March 2011

Back to work - soon!

Well, we had a lovely time on holiday, and the holiday blog will be started this weekend, for anyone inteested. The black/white plaid skirt was a great success - I even had to tighten the button on the waist! However, I shall take an inch or two off the hem length, which will make it more practical - it's overlocked/serged, then turned and machined, so easy to do.

As for sewing while I was away, I am delighted to say that I did actually get a lot done, although it might not appear that way. It is slow work! (My excuse!) After breakefast most mornings, we needed to stay out of our room/cabin/stateroom to allow the the "attendant" to clean and so on, so we found ourselves a corner in one of the smaller spaces, with reasonably comfy chairs. I took my sewing, and he read. I managed two long threads, most day, but it is very small back stitch - 12 to the inch or less if possible - and getting it neat is now no longer easy for me. However, progress was made, and I plan to try and do a little every day, once we clear up the odds and ends and start "back to work" . (For new readers, it is the quilted white silk lining for a work basket for my patient DIL.)

Next "new" project might well be another simple 1/2 circle skirt - I really love the way the black/white one hangs. I still have a small back log of orders to finish before I can properly close the business, but no major rush for any of them, I hope.

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