Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tiny steps!

I am working really hard to finish the Diana dress. I've finally found something that helps me work. I have an hourly chart, where I write the plan for the day, factoring in tea breaks, computer time, lunch, exercise as well as sewing. So far (three days) it's working - nothing else ever has, except a looming deadline!

As well as that, I am turning out my wardrobe and throwing out old, tired, non-fitting clothes as I recently updated  my clothes, almost all via E bay, and had no space. Taking out all the coat hangers that had nothing hanging helped, plus getting rid of clothes that I had never worn, still with price tags, T shirts that don't "go" with anything and so on. It's been a very interesting place, the back of my wardrobe!

As a treat I bought myself a great book for my stash busting quilts, when I get to them. It's not entirely helpful, as mine isn't a quilter's stash, but has some great ideas, along with the instructions for my half-finished Japanese folding Quilt, which I had lost.

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  1. What a nice feeling to clean out the closet! And, yes - even the unused hangers take up needed space!