Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A different Star Trek jacket!

I have three of these to fit, on a long ago promise (7 years I think.) The first one was awful, and when I recut it, it was improved but not brilliant. This second one was better, but none of the ladies is slim, and it is mighty difficult to get smooth "uniform" in both senses, fit. However, once the toiles are satisfactory, I only have to cut out the fabric - no sewing - that is down to one of the girls. (I use the term lightly - they are all in their 50's and 60's, but my contemporaries - hence girls!)

As for the Diana dress, I am on the last stretch - the last facing is halfway done. Then the jacket goes together, the seams are checked for loose pearls (the worst bit) and the linings get hand sewn into the dress, aready finished, and the jacket. It is still a nightmare, but I can see daylight at last.

Also last week I made a small 18th century cap for the customer in the above picture, and repaired her pocket hoops - she is not the most careful of wearers. (Incidentally I shortened the lace falls - way too long for her arms.) I have some ready quilted gold silk to make a petticoat/skirt for the outfit, and I am sure there is some suitable fabric for another jacket - stashbusting you understand.

Off to pearl some more.

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