Friday, 11 March 2011

Small back log? Pfui!

The small back log of work to be done before I can start on the quilts just got bigger! Refurbish an 18th century dress - an annual task- for a regular and long term customer, who literally cannot sew a button on.
I can't link directly to the pictures, but there is one on the second page of the Gallery, on my web siteright hand side, 2nd down, I hope. (
Make a 19th century suit for a gentleman. Make a Tudor all purpose outfit for another long term customer. Teach a friend how to fit clothes on her husband - and fit her - how did that happen? and, eventually, make an outfit for my dear DIL, for World Book Day in 12 months - Little House on the Prairie, or Little Women sort of style. And those bloomin' Star Trek jackets!

This is exactly what happened 8 years ago, the first time I tried to retire - suddenly I got busy, and the husband was made redundant. I chose to stop now as it was no longer fun, and there was no work about - good time I thought - and! Hah!

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